Carpentry runs in my family. My Grandfather was,  my two cousins, and my oldest son are
carpenters. My youngest son works summers with us on the job.
It's an honest and rewarding profession. My ability to be a successful small business owner
stems from the values instilled in me by my parents. .

Summers away from home helping my Grandfather, seven years of Union carpentry work,
44 years of custom residential building and small business ownership afford you the
opportunity to work with one of the best small building companies in the Bay Area. Personal
on site attention from the most experienced member of your building team should be a major
factor in deciding to employ my company. There are no superintendents or foremen on my
jobs. I'm the on-the-job point man for all communications. This top down business model
eliminates a weak link in the chain of command. It works and I guarantee you won't be
disappointed with the finished product. There
is extra value in the service I provide.

My company has the flexibility to take on small to large projects. The photographs I've chosen
illustrate the broad range of architectural styles we have experience with. What you don't see
is my ability to bring these projects in on time and within your budget. I've developed a
reputation with my clients, and associates, for being fair and sensitive to the needs of the
owners, designers, workers;  the entire team. It is a joint endeavor and the end results are
always good. Your home is my life's work.
2020 is the beginning of my
45th year as a builder.